A marketplace where traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using either fiat or alternative cryptocurrencies.

Trading platform/brokers

A service by which you can buy and trade crypto assets at a price set by the brokerage.

Comparison sites

Websites which provide data to compare the different rates of cryptocurrencies.


A third-party facilitator of payments and transactions.


Accept payments in exchange for goods and services.

Asset Managers

Facilitators of investment and trading of cryptocurrencies.

  • Creating a Wealth Startup

    We designed the SALG system to provide our clients with the lowest possible prices for dealing and storage while delivering the highest level of security and transparency.

    Started Your Wealth
  • Online Account For Securely Invest

    The SALG system is a custodial account with allocated, segregated, and physically redeemable bullion belonging to its owner. It’s more secure than traditional accounts at a bank or investment firm, and has lower risks and costs.

Our members believe in the South America’s potential to become a global leader in this sector, through the development of a supportive operating environment – including appropriate regulation.

A word on ICOs:

The Association does not currently represent ICOs, but a working group is considering this issue and the potential for a specific self-regulatory framework.